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Tips on Shooting the Perfect Wedding Video

Weddings are one of the most important days for a couple.

Most people want to memorialize their special day with a video of the event.

When shooting a wedding video, you want it to be high quality with none of the typical wedding video blunders; out of focus, shaky video, and missed, important moments.

You can learn tips on how to shoot a quality wedding video.

Wedding Video Photgrap

3 Top Tips

Learn Your Equipment

Your equipment is obviously your video camera. Before you head off to shoot an event like a wedding; it’s important that you get to know your camera. You will want to read the instructional first to learn about your camera’s features. Then, get to know the camera with hands-on practice. Get familiar with the buttons: On and Off, Record, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, Play, and the others. You will want to practice turning the camera on and off so you will be quick to do it when you need to. Practice using the “record” button. One you thing you want to be familiar with is what it looks like when the tape is running – this way it is easily detected when the camera is on.
Maneuvering the camera with ease may take some getting used to. Practice holding it and shifting it around so you will know what is comfortable for you. You never want to be without batteries or a charger. Make sure your camera equipment is fully charged before the wedding.


Take plenty of video. Practice different angles. Practice adjusting the focus by widening and tightening your subjects, and practice panning or following different moving subjects, all without shaking the camera. Quality wedding videos rely on a steady hand. Practice taping sound, as well. Too much movement with the camera during speaking parts can make voices sound garbled and scratchy.

Visit the ceremony site

Before you are scheduled to shoot the actual wedding, visit the site of the wedding, and the reception. This will let you know different places you’ll need to stand to shoot the different parts of the ceremony and events of the reception. You will also be able to find areas that will be noisy so you’ll know to avoid them: the door to the kitchen, loudspeakers, air condition units and other noisemakers. Being too close to noisemakers may prevent you from capturing the wedding vows, or a clear version of the special music. One of your jobs it to be sure the speaking parts of the ceremony are heard clearly. Especially the exchanging of the vows.

Making sure you get the important moments is your top priority. You want to be sure you capture the wedding party walking in, music performed for the couple, the wedding vows being exchanged, and the wedding party exiting. Don’t focus on the guests in the audience.

At the reception, the cutting of the cake, the toast, first dance, and the bride dancing with her father are all important and memorable moments. You should know the schedule of the events ahead of time, and where each event will happen so you are ready and in the best position to catch the event.

As you’re changing views from one area of interest, to the next, be sure to pan with a steady hand; not moving too fast or shaking the camera. One thing you will always want to be considerate of as you move about the wedding, is the other guests. You want to be sure to not block the view of the events; such as, the wedding vows, the first kiss, the toast, and others from them while you film. No one appreciates a discourteous videographer.

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